Artist Statement

Exploring one's cultural identity often leads to nostalgia and mystique. The deep-rooted cultural beliefs, that I adhere to have fascinated me and have been the inspirational force guiding my body of work.

My area of practice explores East Asian culture and heritage with an emphasis on temple architecture in relation to humans and animals from their depiction at places of worship to their transition into the mass market as accessories or art pieces.

I strive to bring meaning to age-old stories and relate them with new age philosophy.

My current body of work is an intensive exploration of the goddess (female forms) as depicted in mythology and places of worship. I am retaining the original form, posture and look, but altering their expression and giving them new persona of modern goddesses. I hope to create unique art pieces which will give one an insight into their history, and also how far they have come.

I use glass as a medium of expression. Glass with its unique properties of transparency, opacity and the dynamic effects of light imparts a mystical aura to the sculptures. The sculptures are made using lost- wax process and are kiln formed.

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